The Vidalia Grill Is Back!

The Vidalia Grill Revolutionizes The Way Families Cook Outdoors!

Because of its unique airflow design and its dual direct and indirect cooking surfaces, Vidalia Grills can grill and sear, roast, smoke, steam, bake, boil, and fry to perfection without any additional accessories.


vidalia grills


  • Most Versatile Grill
  • Multi-Fuel
  • Made in the USA



Most Versatile Grill on the Market:

  • By simply lifting out the left side flavor bar pan and sliding the marinade pan from the right to the left, one can now use the Vidalia Grill as a steamer, boiler, or fryer. The stainless steel pan is easily removed for a quick, easy clean up.
  • Adding wood chips to the flavor bars and using low heat creates the fastest smoker on the market and will ensure the best smoked flavor. 
  • Add a few charcoal briquettes to the flavor bars, use the gas to ignite and now the Vidalia Grill is a charcoal grill! 
  • The Vidalia Grill's indirect cooking surface allows owners to cook multiples types of food simultaneously at the same temperature! 



Vidalia Grills


Direct Cooking Surface:

The Vidalia Grill takes direct heat to the next level by making direct cooking more versatile. Now Vidalia Grill owners can use the direct heat to sear, steam, boil, fry, and smoke. 


Indirect Cooking Surface:

Until the introduction of the Vidalia Grill, indirect cooking was associated with low temp and slow cooking. Today, Vidalia Grill owners can cook food faster,keeping food moist and more tender than any other grill no the market. Wit its liquid marinade pan (water as the base and a favorite marinade):

  • Heated airflow allow food to be cooked evenly without the need of a rotisserie
  • Liquid from the marinade pan provides 100% of the moisture needed to prevent moisture from being drawn out of the food.
  • Unhealthy carcinogens are eliminated because drippings fall into the marinade pan and not on a hot surface creating a smoke free healthier grill environment


The Vidalia Grill allows owners to choose propane or natural gas, all while giving them the ability to add in charcoal and/or wood at the same time! Now owners can cook with the convenience and speed of gas and with the flavor of charcoal and/or wood. 


Flavor Enhancements:

Your favorite liquid seasonings like apple cider vinegar, fruit juices, liquid smoke, beer, and/or dry herbs and spices can be added to the water in the marinade pan allowing the Vidalia Grill to marinate the food as it cooks. In addition, the drippings from the food are retained in the pan and return flavor to the food, 



The Vidalia Is Back! 

We are pleased to announce that the Vidalia is back on the market and we have model(s) in our showroom right now. They say  the Vidalia grill will take you from a "weekend griller" to a gourmet chef instantly. Visit our showroom to learn more and to see the Vidalia Grill in person!


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