5 Ways Hot Tubs Strengthen Relationships!

In the past we have spent a great deal of time telling you all the reasons you could benefit from a hot tub; hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, fitness, relief, healing power,  and the list goes on. Today we're going to reveal why your relationships need a hot tub! 
Swim Spa (3)

Floating Fitness

  Aerobic water workouts are some of the best workouts you can do for your body. Some of the benefits of exercising in the pool, hot tub, or swim spa as opposed to on land are:  Provides a full-body workout Provides gentle resistance from all angles making it more challenging...
hot tub health benefits

New Year, New Relief

Is your New Year's resolution health related? What about recovery or relief? Maybe a little relaxation and tranquility? We have the perfect solution for you! Check out how one of our hot tubs can fit all of your New Year desires into one tub of water.  ** You...
The healing power of a hot tub

The Healing Power of a Hot Tub

Aromawhat Aromatherapy

Aromawhat? Aromatherapy.

Joint inflammation indicated with red spot on females elbow. Arm pain and injury concept. Closeup portrait woman with painful elbow on gray background

Hot Water Healing

Vitamin Soak and aromatherapy

Vitamin Soak & Aromatherapy

Hot tub therapy health benefits

Hot Tub Therapy / Health Benefits

Therapeutic Benefits