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Gloster's RAW collection represents a departure from the norm. Instead of adhering to standardization, regulation, and uniformity, this group of furniture chooses to celebrate the unpredictability of nature and the decades-long journey each piece of teak undergoes to become a piece of the RAW collection. 


Gloster - Raw Collection



As with our own fingerprints, so every teak tree is one of a kind. No two trees share the same ground or reach for the light in the same way; thus, each one grows and matures into its own unique variations and irregularities. Every growth ring, knot, and graceful ebb and flow of the grain speaks to the journey each tree takes from sapling to maturity—a journey of up to 70 years. 

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Be unique.

Raw furniture proudly displays every growth ring, every knot and every graceful ebb and flow of the wood grain formed as each of Gloster’s plantation grown teak trees mature. A story of passion told over as many as 70 years of growth, you can share the journey with the Raw furniture collection.


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It is essential for the uniqueness of each RAW table to match the uniqueness of its owner. We encourage customers to choose their ideal table using the reservations page on our website. On this page, details and images of all currently available RAW tables can be found and the process of contacting our customer service team to reserve a table can begin.


Call or stop by our showroom to learn more about our favorite new product design and style from Gloster!! 

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