Outdoor Room Planning

Not everyone has "vision" the way a professional designer does. I know I struggle with that as well, so we are here to provide you with a little help! While we offer design services for customers shopping with us, we also have multiple vendors who offer a virtual design center. 



We carry over 12 furniture lines, 7 grill lines, 2 hot tubs brands and 3 outdoor rug lines! Only a few of those offer virtual design centers but our showroom offers the reality of these brands, right in front of your eyes. We have multiple furniture options sitting on our showroom as well as hundreds of custom options in our design books.


I know you're excited so let's get to the design centers! 




Gensun is a premier manufacturer of Outdoor Furniture and Kitchens. Gensun alone offers 17 different furniture collections, 11 table collections, custom cushions, and 11 pre-designed outdoor kitchen islands. They also offer up to a 15 year warranty on their residential products.

So let's talk about their design planner. Their outdoor room planner allows you to enter your own space dimensions and customize your plan. You can then choose what type of furniture you want to put in that space. You can then move the furniture around or change designs to "bring it to life". Gensun even offers a step-by-step guide to use their design center.


Click the image below to go to Gensun's planning center where

you can see the guide as well as utilize the full planner.


planning guide




Homecrest offers a different kind of design center. While Gensun allows you to place furniture in the space and see how it will all fit, Homecrest offers an interactive program that will help you visualize and customize your furniture. The Homecrest software will allow you to choose the type of furniture, along with all of our options, to see how it will look as a finished product. It even gives yplannerou options down to the fire glass that goes inside the fire pit or

the cushion fabric on your chairs!



 Of course you can always browse their catalogs as well while you're on their website. 



We offer so many things here at Outdoor Rooms by Design. We would be so honored to help you design your outdoor space. We suggest bringing measurements, drawings or plans, pictures of your area, and any color samples you may have or want. We are also willing to work with your contractor or designer as well.


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