A Hot Topic: The Difference In Fire Pits

We often get asked what the difference is between our furniture grade fire pits and some of the less expensive brands that we carry. We're here to clear the air on this topic. While there are many differences between the two grades and price points, there are also a number of benefits to each one. 


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Let's start with our furniture grade fire pits:

  1. Our furniture grade fire pits are generally meant to match your other furniture. They can be customized to match the paint color, texture, and style of your other seating options as well as your table.
  2. The pan and burner on furniture grade fire pits are almost always made of stainless steal. This helps to prevent rusting.
  3. Furniture grade fire pits offer a higher BTU rating. While this may not be a huge deal to some, it does affect the amount of heat your fire pit will put out.
  4. When you purchase a furniture grade fire pit, it generally carries the same warranty as your furniture. This is usually a 15 year warranty.
  5. Furniture grade fire pits occasionally offer different glass or rock options for inside of your fire pit as well.


Some pros and cons of the more affordable, lower line fire pits:

  1. Our more affordable fire pits are generally made of steal. While they are still sturdy, you should protect them from the weather with a fire pit cover when you're not using them to prevent rust.
  2. Our lower line fire pits offer a 1 year warranty so you're still covered for a short amount of time.
  3. These fire pits offer a lower BTU rating, but they also offer a lower price point. If you have a smaller area or aren't worried about your heat source, this may be a great option for your space.
  4. You can still purchase accessories such as different fire glass or lava rocks for your fire pit.


But what about the middle ground? 

We offer a large selection of fire pits that are a happy medium between the lower line fire pits and the furniture grade fire pits. These universal fire pits fit somewhere between the other two categories on almost all of their features.
  1. These universal fire pits are made to look good in any backyard!
  2. Our universal fire pits offer a wider variety of styles compared to the lower line fire pits. This includes custom sizes and designs.
  3. Universal fire pits still have a high BTU rating without the increase in pricing.
  4. These universal fire pits still provide exceptional quality. 
  5. Universal fire pits generally offer up to a 5 year warranty.


When it comes to making a choice for your outdoor space, we have all different price ranges and styles to find the perfect fire pit for you. There is no one size fits all when it comes to purchasing furniture, fire pits, grills, etc. for your backyard. We would love to explain even more benefits and differences when you stop in or call our store.

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