Have You Tried Smoked Ice Cubes?

A little back story:

 I was sitting at a BBQ event witice-cubes-2532458_640h the lovely Becky Johnson, who is married to National BBQ Champ Jim Johnson, and we were talking about unusual things you can make on the grill/smoker. She asked me if I had ever tried smoked ice cubes. I'm sure my face looked quite funny as I gave her a confused look. I was picturing ice cubes smoking, literally. Becky began to tell me how amazing smoked ice cubes are when you put them in whisky or other suitable drinks like those. I was baffled but it sounded delicious so I asked her how you do this exactly. 


Here's what she told me:

Smoking ice cubes is very simple and makes for a great party trick! Here are the steps:

Step 1: Start your smoker (anyone else hear revving engines right now?)

Step 2: Get a bowl full of ice cubes in a baking dish or another container that is grill safe

Step 3: Let the ice cubes melt and then continue to let them smoke for 10-20 minutes

Step 4: Put the smoked water in ice cube trays and refreeze 

Step 5: It's party time! Break out the ice cubes and drop them into your favorite savory drink



It's as simple as that- Smoked Ice Cubes! 

Trust me, it had me in awe too.




A New Fav?

So, have you tried it yet? How did it taste?

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