Freedom From Tariff


It has always been a goal for uMade In USA (1)s to buy and sell American made products, which now has even more advantages. Besides the new tax laws, there are a large number of benefits to purchasing from U.S. manufacturers instead of purchasing import furniture, grills, and hot tubs.


Below are some of the many factors you should take into account when making a purchase for your outdoor living space.




American Made Import
You can get exact matching pieces and parts if needed. American made furniture is meant to last for years to come, even when it comes to replacing or updating pieces of furniture.

Are generally disposable

  • Meaning you can't order replacement parts (such as plastic caps, swivel bases, or fabric)
  • Touch-up paint is not available 

Furniture is made to exact measurements

  • No need to measure your chairs, the sling replacements are the exact same size every time

Each chair isn't the exact same

  • Reordering slings can be a game of chance because they will not fit exact

Not only can cushions be reordered but you also have multiple designs and colors to choose from

While that furniture set looks amazing in the store, replacement cushions are usually not available

Tempered glass means less chance of shattering

Thinner glass can crack or shatter easier

  • Generally not tempered glass
  • Can shatter easier from heat/cold
  • Much thinner than U.S. glass

Can get factory replacement cushions that are an exact fit

Create a "dumbed down" version 

  • lower back
  • shorter seat
  • can't reorder cushions etc. because it is not the industry standard size























American Made Import
Can reorder any parts needed Parts are not available for crank, fabric, ribs, etc.




American Made


True stainless steel

  • 304 Stainless
  • Will only rust in aggressive conditions

Mixed metal formula

  • Multiple kinds of metal  mixed with stainless
  • Susceptible to rust
Uses imperial system for measurements, which is the most suitable for the U.S.

Regulators are in metric and not interchangeable with standard parts



Fire Pits:

American Made Import
Stainless steel pan, burner, and fittings Mixed metal formula, susceptible to rust
Made to withstand weather Will most likely rust after being exposed to weather



Hot Tubs:

American Made Import
Parts and hot tub are made in America While the tub itself might be made in America, a lot of import companies will fill the tub with mix and match electrical parts and components that are not U.S. made.
Each and every hot tub that we sell is water tested in the factory before it leaves. If there are any issues they are noted and fixed before it ships, therefore there are notes on that specific tub if you should have a warranty claim later
  • No hot tub repairs are available 
  • There is also no dealer support for hot tub repairs



Beyond all of these pros and cons of American made vs Import, there is also the difference in warranty. Import products generally have little to no warranty or guarantee, while our American made products generally offer years worth of warranty promises.





We are very proud of the extensive list of U.S. companies that we carry, including but not limited to: 



  • Casual Cushion Corp.
  • Carolina Casual Inc. 
  • Classic Rattan Inc.
  • Tropitone Furniture Co
  • Good-One Grills
  • Homecrest Outdoor Living
  • Lloyd Flanders
  • Tuuci- Umbrella Co
  • Malibu Outdoor Living
  • Marquis Spas
  • Massarelli's
  • Vidalia Grills
  • Meadowcraft
  • Outdoor GreatRoom
  • Ploywood, Inc. 
  • Windward Design Group
  • Pride Family Brands
  • Seaside Casual Furniture
  • Shade Tree Cool Living
  • Sunair Awnings
  • Telescope Casual Furniture
  • Tervis Tumbler Co.