5 Ways Hot Tubs Strengthen Relationships!

In the past we have spent a great deal of time telling you all the reasons you could benefit from a hot tub; hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, fitness, relief, healing power,  and the list goes on. Today we're going to reveal why your relationships need a hot tub! 

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Life seems to be never ending, we are in a constant hustle from one place or activity to the next. How much  time do we actually spend with the people who are most important to us? By spending just 20 minutes a day in your hot tub with your spouse, kids, or friends you are creating a period of time where you can all relax and catch up. You can have conversations while being compelled to sit and decompress. I know I have found that those 20 minutes in the hot tub with one of my kids or with a family member are some of the greatest connections we have created. 




Studies show that the average consumer now owns 3.2 devices per person. That is such a mind blowing fact to me. The average household has 10 devices. How did we get so distracted in this world? Fortunately, the phone, tablets, and TV's generally stay away from the water, which causes you to take a moment to pause and just enjoy the break.  Whether you're enjoying some quiet alone time or having a conversation with loved ones, the hot tub is a great place to escape for some much needed "down time".




With fewer distractions and a relaxing atmosphere, you're bound to have better conversations in the hot tub. Need some good conversation starters? Here's 250 conversation starters. Studies show that the amount of time you have with friends and family is not nearly as important  as the quality of your time together. Having that quality time with friends, your spouse, or your kids can also create deeper conversation and a more intimate friendship or relationship. 


You can also spice it up with a hot tub card game, light show, hot tub yoga, music, aromatherapy, spa bath bombs, and more!  Shop online to see just a few of the items we have available. 




Who doesn't love a quick vacation to reset life and give you some much needed disconnected time. Work, school, and life in general can get so stressful. Using your hot tub as a "staycation" can be the perfect quick getaway for your daily routine, especially when you aren't able to get away for days on end.  Go one step above and create a little sanctuary in your backyard to make it feel even more like a mini-vacation.


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Did you know that 77% of people regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress? These symptoms come in the form of low energy, headaches, upset stomach, aches and pains, insomnia, and frequent illnesses. There are so many health benefits to owning a hot tub but one major one is stress reduction. Your hot tub can work as a personal masseuse on your tired and aching body. Managing your stress, especially together, is a great way to fend off stress in your relationships. 



There are so many ways that a hot tub can enhance your life. If you already own a hot tub, it might be time to start scheduling a time to soak with your spouse or plan a hot tub party with friends! If you don't own a hot tub yet, you can continue your research on our website here or stop by our showroom to learn more! Our hot tub experts would love to educate you and help you decide which hot tub is best for you. 



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